About Us

Clinical massage therapy at its best combines the application of evidence-based manual techniques with the art of nurturing you and inspiring you to “wake up” in a deeper way to what’s happening in your body.

This is what we do at Paul Perrotta Massage Associates. Our experienced, caring massage therapists strive for both clinical excellence and artistry in every session to improve your symptoms and function and create lasting results.

  • We listen to you, considering you as a whole person before matching you with a therapist whose skill set best addresses your specific concerns.
  • Together you and your therapist identify meaningful activities in your life that are impacted by your condition. This helps us design effective care and measure your progress in ways that matter to you.
  • Our therapists work as a team, consulting with each other on the most potent treatment approach and, when it’s in your best interest, recommending a session with another team member so you benefit from their combined strengths.
  • If massage is only one component of your treatment, we collaborate with your other healthcare providers, exchanging information verbally and in written reports so your care is integrated.
  • We help you navigate the insurance world, whether you were in a motor vehicle accident, had a work injury or are using your health insurance benefits.

We continually build our clinical skills with advanced training to ensure you get the highest quality massage therapy. By creating safety and inviting introspection, our approach can serve as an accelerant to the openness and curiosity necessary for true improvement in the way your body feels and works — because when you’re engaged in your own healing, that’s when the work we do can make the most difference.